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    Local Traders. Heros or Villans

    Where Keynsham People pass comment on their experiences with local tradesmen or businesses. Praise the good or condem the bad. Expose the cowboys!

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    Cadbury's takeover

    What do people feel about the Kraft interest in Cadbury's? Is it courting favour or would it keep its pledge to keep the Keynsham factory open?

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    General Discussion

    This is a Group for General Discussion topics related to Keynsham when none of the other Groups quite fit the bill.

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    Keynsham traffic

    Is'nt it about time they changed the traffic priority at the junction of High Street and Charlton Road, which causes delays and confusion?

    27 members

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    Local business

    Small businesses who operate in the Keynsham area

    78 members

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    Local events

    Events in Keynsham

    81 members

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