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    Win a family ticket for 4 to see Honk! ...

    Bath Theatre School are staging  Honk!  on the 19-20th July at Kingswood Theatre, Bath.       Based around...

    By MrKCB at 18:05 on 21/06/13, 0 comments

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    Calling all parents and kids clubs organisers

    Hi there everyone ... I have spent the last 9 months or so building a new website for Bristol and (more recently) Bath's Kids Clubs to advertise their...

    By MrKCB at 13:48 on 09/02/13, 0 comments

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    Calling all mums and dads...

    Are you looking for a fabulous new hobby for your child in Bristol? Often finding a club of the right sort that is local to you and is actively...

    By MrKCB at 12:34 on 10/11/12, 0 comments

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    So much for kids to do this summer

    It is not always easy to find a new activity for your child. Many children skip from club to club til they find what they like best-it can be tough...

    By MrKCB at 15:26 on 27/06/12, 0 comments

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    Looking for some summer fun for your kids?

    We have just added our 70th Bristol based club, offering exciting opportunities for kids in our area.  

    The Big Act start with high...

    By MrKCB at 17:05 on 11/06/12, 0 comments

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    Lots of opportunities for Bristol's kids...

    Well no matter what happens weather-wise, I am sure that we will all have a great weekend with all the parties and events taking place all over...

    By MrKCB at 15:20 on 01/06/12, 0 comments


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