Should I fight this parking ticket?

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By welland | Wednesday, May 05, 2010, 12:07

This unhappy Keynsham motorist has picked up a £70 fine for allegedly parking alongside a “dropped footway.”

Now I always thought a dropped footway as it says on the ticket, or a dropped kerb was the light brown paving with bubbles to help the pedestrians cross the road.

It is fair to say also that you should not park where a dropped kerb serves an access to property.

But as you can see from the pictures it looks like the “dropped footway” is just an old pavement which has sunk slightly and I am not parked over the white line on the corner.

I am not blocking an entrance and there are no single or double yellow lines.

Even if guilty as charged does it merit a bigger fine than if I was speeding along Keynsham High Street at 70 mph endangering lives?

What do you think, have you been nabbed in Bristol like me by a Civil Enforcement Officer under 27 of the Parking Contraventions Act?

Do you think I should fight this charge,?

If cars were on the roads 150 years ago I am sure all motorists would have faced deportation to Australia.

I have 14 days to decide to appeal, please post your comments below..



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    I agree with wardy116. The drop down kerb dosent come into it. What a stupid place to park. The driver is a selfish idiot. Do you not read the highway code. Just because there are not parking restrictions its common sense that says the car is causing an obstruction to other road users and pedestrians. Just look at the photos and ask yourself if a fire appliance or ambulance would be impeded from entering that street to save someones life. A delay in getting to somebody could mean the difference between life and death.
    Just pay up you ignorant git.

    By Vic_Meldrew at 20:53 on 24/05/10

  • Profile image for tcnet

    If wardy116 is an example of the way CEO's think it's hardly surprising they are so unpopular - more interested in throwing his weight around than making a rational case. 

    There's no clear indication that you can't park there, although it is a bit close to a junction, and the fact that there is a yellow line painted on the other corner is actually misleading, creating the impression that parking is ok.  If you are going to fight it, it may be worth inspecting other corners in the area and taking photos of ones that have yellow lines on both sides to demonstrate that your confusion was reasonable.  Good luck!

    By tcnet at 02:00 on 06/05/10

  • Profile image for wardy116

    you should have had the book thrown at you for parking so close to a junction!!!  6 points should be good to make you think again.  Dont you idiots read the highway code.. Pay your fine and stop whingeing..  I work as a CEO and people like you really irritate me with your silly excuses, you must be really stupid to take a photo of you own car parking illegally.

    By wardy116 at 22:45 on 05/05/10

  • Profile image for DoctorPM

    Unfortunately this is another way for councils to collect revenue, and fairness doesn't come into it.   It's all about catching people out.

    I'd contest it.  You have nothing to lose.  I managed to overturn a parking ticket two weeks ago (not in Keynsham) that happened because my wife made a minor mistake filling out her residential parking permit.

    Some of these traffic wardens love their jobs a little too much.  They get it wrong, and if you don't flag it up, they'll get away with it.

    By DoctorPM at 20:28 on 05/05/10

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    I also think the fine is too steep, and an easy way of raising money for the City Council.
    I have heard of several people who have fallen foul of the 'parking adjacent to a dropped footway' law. They have invariably said that they weren't aware they had parked in a careless manner, and were not impeding access to property or causing danger or inconveience to anyone. Some have, like you, argued that they hadn't recognised the pavement they had innocently parked alongside as having a dropped kerb.

    By Mavis44 at 14:56 on 05/05/10

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