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Can anyone tell me why dog owners think it is ok to let their dogs off their leads and let them run around a sports field where young children and adults play sport ?


By Honestguv at 18:43 on 05/04/12

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    I am not a dog owner myself and I definitely see your point. However most dogs and owners in the field/play area by me are generally quite good, i guess its up to the individual to know there dog. What really grinds my gears is dog owners get fined for dog fowling in public areas yet peoples cats can meander in to my garden and **** on my lawn or path or step and they don't even acknowledge it. Think there should be a "Have it back" campaign where offending cats can have the poo tied nicely in a bag to there collar and sent home.

    By space412 at 18:53 on 05/04/12

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    This morning my dog got a bit of a chunk bitten out of her back at the top of her tail by the a dog and a man though it was even ok to let your dog off a lead 5am in the morning when it is not.i covered myself over my dog so she did not get hurt and the German sheppereds which there were 2 of them both attacked my dog and one ran off.The own just stood tthere telling his dogs to come back and EVENTUALLY they did leaving my dog injured but ok now

    By sauljefferies at 19:24 on 05/04/12

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    That sounds pretty horrific! I think you should go to the police station and report that! it might be a child next time.

    By space412 at 19:34 on 05/04/12

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    I think you should go to the police too. If you can't control a dog, you shouldn't be allowed to have one. What if next time it is a child? It wouldn't stand a chance against an Alsation. And even if their dog is safe, dog owners should have the sense not to let them off the lead near playing fields.

    As for cats leaving mess in other people's gardens - don't get me started. There are several cats in my neighbourhood and they just love leaving little presents for me on my lawn. It's very hard to resist the temptation to pick up that present and leave it at the front door of the owners of the cats. I'd love to grow veg in my garden, but who wants to eat food contaminated with cat s**t.

    Don't get me wrong, I think cats and dogs are great - I'm just not keen on a lot of the idiots who keep them.

    By KeynshamKim at 01:21 on 07/04/12

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    I agree if your dog was attacked go to the police and get it on file, dogs should be on a lead in public place's that is law i believe.
    I grew up with dogs in our house so i am not against them, it is the owners who need educating that just because they see a nice open green playing field they cannot let their dog off the lead for a nice run around and a poo anywhere then walk away .

    By Honestguv at 22:01 on 10/04/12


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