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Not happy
The drop in centre last night forced my wife and me to not go to the gym last night .
as we arrived it had all kicked off outside the drop out centre this scared my wife as we would have to walk through this as it was happening we could hear the shouting from the high street in our car with the windows up!
We just drove through as it had spead to block acces to the leisure centre.
My wife now wants to cancel our membership thats £66 per month less for the coffers .
Where are the police and more importantly why was this allowed you have a major attraction being blighted by events like this !
A normal night going to the gym involves family groups walking past these idiots swearing all the time !
This has to stop move one or the other now today not later when the rebuild may or may not happen .
Untill last night I was in the live and let live group but not anymore at least see if the access for these kids can be moved to the high street .
Tax and fee payers need a voice .
I am the sort that will not sit back and my wife was wise to make me drive on as these idiot kids would not like my response if they had got in my way!
if the police want to do their job then be there IT IS an ISSUE EVERY DAY if not be nice to the public who do your job for you!! They drink booze then they must be of age 18 they smoke again 16 thats an adult not a child if you are one of the parente to these idiots then dont rant at me !
Pop back more than once and watch what your sweet goood little girl/boy is really up to!!!
Rant over we will honour our agreement this december but that is it! if nothing changes we will go elsewhere to spend our money!
If you have heard nothing about this then ask the fire crew they were there the whole time.


By ridisc at 08:22 on 02/12/11

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    Hi ridisc,

    I'm trying to get hold of someone at Keynsham Council and the police to comment about this.

    I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything.

    By JoannaPazucha at 14:20 on 02/12/11

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    Well, it looks like the police will be keeping an eye on the drop-in centre now.

    In response to my query, this is what Keynsham Inspector Tim Stuckes has to say:

    "We are aware that the drop-in centre is a place where teenagers gather, and we will certainly respond to this report of anti-social behaviour by tasking officers on patrol to speak to young people there in the evenings."

    Do let us know , ridisc, if you have any more issues.

    By JoannaPazucha at 12:07 on 06/12/11

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    Well I obviously don't condone the swearing drinking and smoking of under age teenagers on the whole, I do feel a little sorry for them. Lets be totally honest for a second, Keynsham doesn't have the facilities to entertain them and the populous at large are against them. Its all very well and good ranting and blaming police but really the root cause is surely the town needs to modernise. Well I am aware the average age of a Keynshamite is rapidly rising,(only slightly slower than the number of charity shops appearing per person) They are just as much members of the town. Maybe approaching the drop out centre instead of going straight to the police would have been a better approach?. As said i don't like the anti social behaviour of SOME teenagers but I also don't like being forced i to the road by SOME pensioners on mobility scooters. Its all in the balance.

    By space412 at 18:56 on 12/12/11

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    I know what you mean ridisc. Fortunately I've not been caught up in that, and I use the leisure center twice a week. Hope stuff is sorted .

    By HeroKenFlatt at 16:29 on 01/06/13


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