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Can someone please explain why the traffic lights at the park & ride at Brislington, are operating when the park and ride our shut. Before the massive alternation to the roads, when the gates on the A4 were closed, the traffic lights didn't function. It seems stupid that the flow of traffic is disrupted when there is no need . I thought the flow of traffic was meant to be improved after all those months of disruption. Silly me!!!!


By Ducky661 at 16:57 on 30/12/11

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    Typical! I'd like to think it's an oversight, but I bet there's a traffic controller somewhere in Bristol watching cars stopping and starting for no reason on CCTV and laughing his socks off.

    The A4 around Brislington is enough of a nightmare without unnecessary traffic lights making things even worse.

    And don't get me started on how useless the Park and Ride is!

    By KeynshamKim at 00:40 on 31/12/11

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    I'd like to think it's an oversight too - but that doesn't help when you're held up at a red light for no reason.

    By JoannaPazucha at 11:24 on 31/12/11

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    And what about the new speed limit on the A4 ring road? Can anyone tell me when the speed limit was reduced and the the new signs went up? I only knew because someone else told me. There's no warning on approaching the Hick's Gate Roundabout from Durley Road that there is a new speed limit ahead! That junction gets so conjested, what with traffic stopping in the keep clear, yellow boxes, that one has to keep one's eyes peeled for diving, not spotting those silly little 40 signs. Seems like a nice little cash cow to me.

    Anyone have any comments?

    By jillyanni at 23:20 on 02/01/12

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    Sorry, that should be congested.....

    By jillyanni at 23:21 on 02/01/12

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    Jillyanni I agree and theres another thread all about that speed limit change! lots of people are being caught out there! Nice little cash cow indeed!. Very dishonest and not exactly helpful. Hopefully anyone caught will appeal and we will have a solution!

    By space412 at 20:52 on 03/01/12


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