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By welland at 15:23 on 17/09/09

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    I believe tailbacks in the High Street are caused by Charlton Road having priority with its junction at High Street.
    The mini roundabout should go.

    By welland at 15:23 on 17/09/09

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    Welland I think you may just be on to something there, The tail backs in the high-street are becoming stupid. Who can tell me what good is the mini-roundabout doing????

    By markr23 at 08:41 on 01/10/09

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    Roundabouts have statistically been found to be the number one solution to keeping traffic moving at busy intersections. Just look at Swindon? Surely anything is better than that silly no right turn from Charlton Rd into High St which was in force the last time I was in Keynsham many years ago.

    By Jeffo59 at 22:11 on 27/10/09

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    The traffic chaos in Keynsham is down to the inept traffic management at BANES. The close proximity of road junctions, mini roundabouts and pedestrian crossings all within yards of each other are a recipe for traffic gridlock. All the pedestrian crossings should be uprated to pelican light controlled status. This will give traffic time to past through the roads, instead of being halted every couple of seconds for pedestrians. But as we all know we in Keynsham are the poor relation to Bath so don't hold your breath for the council to upgrade these crossings.
    Welland, you are so right, the priority should be changed back to the High Street instead of Charlton Road. Or have the council changed the priority to Charlton Road to get us used to when they eventually make the High Street a pedestrian zone.
    Also traffic indicators in cars are not an optional extra, they should be operated at all times especially when in the vicinity of High Street/Charlton Road. It will take the guess work out of where a car is going and thus allow traffic to more more freely.
    Or should drivers have refresher courses to re-educate them on how a miniroundabout works. (give priority to the right). If there is only a choice of left or right don't go straight on cos that is where the SK Fruit shop is. (That little lack of concentration caused me to walk further to get my veg!)

    By Vic_Meldrew at 19:37 on 22/11/09

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    Oh by the way Jeffo59 that "Silly No Right Turn" at the junction of Charlton Road with the High Street was to ease traffic flow at that location. Now the junction is relatively clear and I don't have to wait in a line of traffic at Queen Charlton because someone wants to turn right into the High Street.

    By Vic_Meldrew at 19:43 on 22/11/09

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    This mini roundabout causes enough difficulties with locals, but to strangers going through the High street it’s downright dangerous.  I know, I know, at roundabouts you give way to the right, but it just doesn’t feel sensible here. How can it make sense that coming from The Church end towards Charlton road you have to indicate left to go straight on, and you don’t have to indicate at all if you turn across the oncoming traffic to go into Charlton Road?  Then of course if your coming through the High street going toward The Church, when you come to the Charlton road junction you find that because many oncoming drivers don’t see the need to indicate when they are in fact going straight on, and drivers turning across your path into Charlton road don’t need to indicate at all, you end up guessing and taking a chance, is this next car turning in front of you or going straight on, and this not even taking into account the zebra crossing on the corner. Planning madness.

    By Natural_High at 20:55 on 25/01/10

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    Everybody calls this junction a mini roundabout. It isn't. The road markings and lack of Roundabout signs and road furniture dictate its a junction. We can only rely on motorists with good roadcraft skills to indicate where they are going. Anyway whatever people call the junction, Natural High, you are right. Its a lottery to try and guess where ongoing cars are intending to go. Planning madness, absolutely spot on, imposed on us by BANES Highways Management who should be fired. When the first fatality occurs on that junction at least we will know who should be held responsible. Are you listening BANES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Vic_Meldrew at 21:27 on 25/01/10

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    Common sense was on annual leave when the BANES traffic 'gurus' decided to paint their non-geometric blob in the road at the junction of Charlton Rd and High St.

    I've been bleating on about this for years. It's a crazy experiment gone wrong. Does the BANES 'highways inspector' ever notice these traffic tailbacks when aimlessly driving his plush new van around. Seemingly not.

    Now I come to thin of it, what does the BANES 'highways inspector' actually do. Check the roads are still there? Which half of them aren't.

    By AlbertMills at 11:30 on 08/06/10

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    Saturday mornings are worst, when you seem to get more people who are unfamiliar with the pretty street markings that must have made sens e in a n office somewhere.

    I just take it dead steady, make sure I know what I'm doing, and be prepared to stop is someone else does something they shouldn't. The most obvious one is going across the give way marking on the high street when they shouldn't.

    Oh, and the snow last winter changed all the rules of course because the road markings couldn't be seen. The roadside signs were there but it was difficult for the unfamiliar to negotiate the snow and the junction.

    Did someone really get paid for this solution?

    By mugsey007 at 08:55 on 30/08/10


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